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Immigration creates legal chaos

The influx of tens of thousands from the Middle-East through the green borders into Hungary caused a legal chaos within the political parties and legal experts. The international treaties by which Hungary is bound and according to which its internal laws are written do not fit the description.
The legal definition of political asylum seekers cannot be applicable to the vast crowds of people arriving from several thousand of kilometres away from different countries. Law and Order seem contradict each other. Rights of political asylum seekers create serious dilemma: the best interest of the Hungarian citizens has priority over those rights or the other way round?

Numbers can easily change legal approach. If justice must be served to one person against the society, the society can accept it and enforce the verdict. If, however, hundreds of thousands are seeking justice from an alien society, justice can only be served to the detriment of the society. Why would a society accept vast crowds just because those immigrants declare that they are fleeing as a result of hardship or unjust prosecution at home?

One can be lenient towards few hundreds of asylum seekers who suffered hardship in their home country and are looking for temporary or final refuge in Hungary, but one has to reconsider when numbers reach intolerable levels.
The Government is on the verge of modifying the Constitution via the Parliament and introduce fine tuning to the definition of political asylum seekers and create rules which re-establish the currently devolved national sovereignty over the issue.