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Hungarian Government planning to sell off approx. 300,000 acres of quality land

The Government announced a plan to sell off approx. 300,000 acres of land. These lands are in the long-term lease of famed agricultural companies that were privatised by the state in the past two decades. According to the plan once these leases expire (some within 10 years, others within 30 years) the new owners can start using their lands. Up until then, they will receive the annual rent from the lessees.
Some of these lands represent Hungary’s best lands and fruit plantations. The Government will organise an auction where only Hungarian farmers who live close to these lands will be allowed to bid. Current corporate users of these lands will be disallowed to participate in the auction since legal entities are not allowed to purchase agricultural land in Hungary according to the Sale of Land Act.

The scheme is under heavy criticism from opposition parties and foreign experts.

Sep 2015